Shrike Landscape for Stellarium

Shrike is a hilltop located in arid Central Oregon. It is often visited by campers staying at Hancock Field Station, which is visible to the east. Other features are Iron Mountain to the north and Red Hill to the north-west.

screen shot Screen shot from the program with this landscape.
low-quality image 2 Megapixels
For netbooks and old computers.
2048×1024 pixels, 2.5MB
medium-quality image 8 Megapixels
For most computers.
4096×2048 pixels, 9.9MB
high-quality image 33 Megapixels
For modern computers with lots of video memory.
8192×4096 pixels, 38MB

Installation Instructions

1: Right-click on the "Download" link below one of the files, and choose to save the link or target. Take note of where it is going to be saved!
2: Start Stellarium, and choose the "Sky and viewing options window" on the left side of the screen.
3: Click on the "Landscape" tab, then on the "Add/remove landscapes..." button.
4: Click the button to add a new landscape from a ZIP archive, then find the downloaded file on your hard drive, and select it. It should install immediately.

Don't select "Use associated planet and position" unless you plan to observe from this location!

If the Stellarium screen turns gray or the landscape disappears, you are using a file that is too large for your video system. Remove the landscape, and download another one with fewer pixels. (These instructions apply to Stellarium version 0.10.6 or higher.)

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